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  • #CIAFF2020 Activism Promo

    #CIAFF2020 Activism Promo

  • Ads in Wonderland - Trailer

    Have you ever wanted to discover the behind the scenes of marketing persuasion? To know what technologies and scientific methods are used to unveil the consumers’ black box? ADS IN WONDERLAND gives the floor to those who love advertising: CEOs of advertising agencies, neurosciences experts, indus...

  • Chasing the Present - Trailer

    On a worldwide journey of self discovery, a materially wealthy man explores why a person who seemingly has it all, can still suffer from debilitating panic attacks, uncovering deep truths about who and what we are. Director Mark Waters' visually stunning documentary follows James Sebastiano, a ma...

  • Power Out - Trailer

    A group of Millennials' night takes a turn when the lights suddenly go out.... "Cloverfield" meets "High Maintenance" in this 'experimental political-art- dramedy', meant to inspire and alert Americans to the dangers of not taking up the most powerful arms afforded them; their vote. Ben Myers is ...

  • American Hate - Trailer

    Based on a true story of an Indian immigrant couple whose lives are shattered by an unexpected hate crime in Olathe, Kansas fueled by anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric after the 2016 election. Daniel Brea is a filmmaker & entrepreneur who got his start in professional production in Switzerland a...

  • Pearl Cadillac - Trailer

    Gary Clark Jr. is heading down the road of life and looking back to where he came from. Shot in black and white super35mm, 'Pearl Cadillac' showcases moonlight as the image of a mother's love. Clément Oberto is a French director living in Los Angeles. His work for luxury brands (Chanel group, Cha...

  • Make America Safe - Trailer

    MAKE AMERICA SAFE is a musical send-up of the 2nd Amendment. What if in the next few years citizens were required to carry weapons in order to insure the safety of the public? What if the motto “If everyone is armed there will be no more crime” became the law of the land? This movie musical takes...

  • Spinnaker - Trailer

    "Spinnaker" is a short documentary that focuses on the story of the film's namesake whale, who the CCS tracked from her birth to her death and across three entanglement events. Spinnaker's life is a rare example where marine biologists were able to see how deeply entanglement can impact the lives...

  • Triple Take - Trailer

    Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) conducted Operation Triple Take in 2014 in Colombia in an unprecedented attempt to rescue sex trafficking victims in three different cities at the exact same time. The operation took months of planning and depended on the three stings taking place simultane...

  • Diamond in the Rough - Trailer

    After a distinguished career in the theatre (Close Theatre, Glasgow; Half Moon Theatre, London; West End shows: Yakety Yak!, Pal Joey, Can't Pay? Won't Pay!) Rob Walker directed for BBC TV the award-winning Die Kinder, Rules of Engagement, Blind Justice and many movies of the week and several min...

  • The Cannabis Biz - Trailer

    The Cannabis Biz, takes you deep inside the fast evolving cannabis business with access to all areas of the worldwide marijuana industry, including: recreational use, legalization, enforcement, medical applications, cannabis technology, lifestyle, culture & more.

    Shot on location in North Americ...

  • How to Love Your Enemy - Trailer

    A city in Colorado tries a different kind of justice system powerful enough to change the incarceration game of the U.S. Instead of locking up non-violent offenders, these advocates focus on the challenging but rewarding process of apology, forgiveness, and redemption that radically shifts our id...

  • Safer Spaces: A Film About Shawna Potter - Trailer

    As lead singer of the politically charged War On Women and author of Making Spaces Safer, activist Shawna Potter’s fight against injustice knows no bounds. Hailing from Massachusetts, Bill Fulkerson is a New England creative of a different breed. He hosts and producers the weekly podcast "Outside...

  • Here Today - Trailer

    A high school girl struggles to find her own identity with a new group of friends and discovers that together, their choices have an impact beyond what they ever imagined. This universally autobiographical tale, written by 16-year-old Meredith Grace Dabney, is a reminder of vulnerability, life’s ...

  • Final Cutz - Trailer

    WINNER: Best Narrative Feature @ Workers Unite Film Festival; WINNER: Best Ensemble Cast / WINNER: Humanitarian Award @ Hollywood Horrorfest;
    Official Selection: Four Corners Film Festival; Official Selection: Les Rimbaud du Cinema

    When the Santa Fe University of Art and Design joined the alarmi...

  • Activism Film Festivals
    Movie + 52 extras

    Activism Film Festivals

    Movie + 52 extras

    Activism Film Festivals

  • The Blood Between Us - Trailer

    The Blood Between Us - Trailer

  • Journey To Social Activism - Trailer

    Journey To Social Activism - Trailer

  • Radical Camp - Trailer

    Radical Camp - Trailer

  • Singing A Great Dream - Trailer

    Singing A Great Dream - Trailer

  • Lincoln is Crying - Trailer

    Lincoln is Crying - Trailer

  • I Hate Crimes - Trailer

    I Hate Crimes - Trailer

  • Grounded While Walls Fall - Trailer

    Grounded While Walls Fall - Trailer

  • Legalize It! - Trailer

    I Love Marijuana by Shane Harper & Whiskey Sharts Shartsville, U.S. of A. #musicvideo #CICHFF2020 Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival #cannabis #hemp #shartsville